Weekend Watersports

This past weekend was unusually hot, even by Israel standards. When we arrived at the Sea of Galilee late Friday afternoon, it was still well over 100 degrees! The rest of the weekend would be equally as hot. It was the perfect weather for all the water activities we had planned.

We spent most of Saturday morning on a speedboat enjoying waterskiing and knee-boarding. Allie showed off her skills on the knee board, gliding in and out of the wake.


When we were at the Galilee last fall, Mikey rode the knee board on his belly. This time he was able to successfully transition to his knees!

Danielle rode the knee board for the first time. With a little a lot of encouragement from the kids, she also successfully transitioned to her knees!

Jacob had the opportunity to try “dropping a ski”. That’s when you release one of your two skis after getting up and end up slaloming on one ski. It took him two tries before he got it. Very proud moment for Jacob!

After lunch, we headed further north to the base of Mount Hermon for white water rafting.


The Jordan river was quite high and flowing quickly from the snow still melting off Mount Hermon’s snow-capped peak.

After rafting, we courageously hooked on to a zipline that began from a very high platform and ended with a merciless plunge into the Jordan River!


The next morning we headed across the lake to Aqua Kef, a fantastic inflatable waterpark.

Back at the hotel for lunch (and dessert):

We had a few more hours after lunch to enjoy the hotel pool before heading back to Raanana.


Glad we all enjoyed what was our last weekend getaway of our year in Israel.