Tel Aviv/Jaffa

This afternoon we explored deeper into Tel Aviv.  We started in South Tel Aviv which has a neighborhood known for its graffiti.  While graffiti is illegal in Israel, the authorities have turned a blind eye to the practice in this particular area.  It was amazing to see hundreds of elaborate displays, one after the other.  Several tour operators now offer “Graffiti Tours” through this neighborhood.  A few examples:


We then continued into Old Jaffa, a very old city just south of Tel Aviv.  Archaeological findings include artifacts dating back 3,500 years.  The city is most known for it’s narrow and winding alleyways full of interesting shops, art galleries and restaurants.  It’s a very scenic and photogenic city with many vistas overlooking the Jaffa Port and modern Tel Aviv.

Two shopkeepers were playing backgammon in one of the antique stores.  As they were finishing their game, Jacob kept offering unsolicited advice.  So the winner challenged Jacob to a game, which Jacob accepted… and won!

We wrapped up the excursion with a very traditional dinner in a local Arabian restaurant. Thanks for the recommendation Goldwassers!


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  1. Your trip looks so amazing! You will be the best resource for planning a trip when you get home.

  2. I love that part of Tel Aviv! “Go Jacob!” on the backgammon victory! You all look/sound great! Enjoy!

  3. wow what incredible trip beside the turismo you learn culture and also the history. most everyday you can do that…its amazing and special the historian too…congratulations to all for the learning and fun that you are having

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