Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom!

We’re very happy to be home in Israel.  The flight was great.  The kids all fell asleep within an hour after taking off and slept for the entire flight.

The house is great.  Our friend Sophia surprised us with welcoming signs on our front door.

These first few days have been very busy running errands, buying various household items and working hard on getting settled in. After several trips to the mall, supermarket, hardware store, kitchen supply store, etc., I think we’re just about there.  We all had fun trying to navigate our way around the stores with everything written in Hebrew!


Between errands, the kids love having a pool at the house.

We also joined the local pool club that is populated mostly by other families with young children. Should be a great way to meet new friends.

Danielle found Orange Theory and has already started attending classes (no surprise there).

Today we ventured into Tel Aviv and spent several hours enjoying the iconic beach.  The water was beautiful and the waves were great for boogie boarding.

We stopped at the market on our way back from TA to pick up last minute items for our first Shabbat together in Israel.  Tomorrow will be spent further exploring our neighborhood and a few of the parks here in Raanana that we’re told are beautiful.

This first Shabbat feels especially meaningful.  We are all very grateful to be here.

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  1. Love this! U guys look so happy and organized and definitely love that Danielle found Orange Theory ? Shabbat Shalom and sending love!!

  2. I love these pics so much! And so happy to hear that Danielle found her fitness routine so quickly. Miss you guys xoxo

  3. Love seeing your arrival, shopping, family fun, and Shabbat preparations!!! Hope your first Shabbat in Israel is uplifting, inspiring, and feels like a homecoming. Shabbat Shalom!

  4. Wait! Hardware store and Gregg mentioned in the same sentence?? Huh? That is marvelous and quick integration. LOL! The Habas wish you guys an amazing experience. So excited to read the update. Keep ‘em coming!

  5. you look great.. the kids look so big … amazing, wow and happy for you… I love allie face… missing all you but I know you are having an amazing time… nico has a iPhone now and what’s to know if he can text jacob directly or facetime also Michael and allison… to talk before he starts sxhool… let me know… very happy for you… a lot of kisses and hugs for all of you 😉

  6. What a fabulous start to your trip!! I love seeing all the funny faces trying to figure out items in the grocery store. Have so much fun exploring!!

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