Old Friends/New Friends

We had a very nice weekend making new friends and reuniting with old friends.  Friday night we hosted Tomer and Alem, two of the Brothers for Life (BFL) soldiers that stayed with us in Needham, as part of the 2017 delegation.  We also got to meet their wives and Tomer brought his young baby.

We’ve stayed in close contact since their initial visit, so we were all (especially our children) very excited to see them again.  Tomer is no longer serving after sustaining a significant battle injury.  Alem continues to serve in one of the most elite, secretive and extremely dangerous units.

Saturday we hosted Dror and Achiam.  They stayed with us in Needham this past June as part of the 2018 BFL delegation.  Great to also meet their wives and children.  Both soldiers have moved on to professional careers after sustaining significant injuries in combat.  The kids all enjoyed playing together and even volunteered to help Dror with his shotput training.

Danielle prepared a fabulous lunch spread with traditional Israeli food.

Rachel G in the house!  We were all psyched that later in the afternoon, Rachel paid us a visit for several hours.  She was in Jerusalem planning a Bar Mitzvah for a Boston area family.  Grateful she was able to make time to see us!

New friends we met at our children’s new school invited us to their house Saturday night, along with two other school families.  While the school is made up of families from all of the world, there is a contingency of families affiliated with the US Foreign Service/State Department.  They mostly work at or around the US Embassy.  Was interesting to learn more about their lifestyle as they all have lived in many countries over a relatively short period of time.  While their children are all American citizens, none of their children have EVER lived in the US.  We appreciated this opportunity for our children to meet a few kids from their grade in advance of the first day of school.

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  1. That was nice to see the soldiers again. I call margined the Kids excited to see them , I remembered they had fun so much with them in Needham.. also to see Rachel. Great good luck with the new school and friends. Xoxox

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