My Birthday Party (posted by Michael)

This is my birthday party.  This is my Minion cake.  I ate the Minion cake but I didn’t eat all of it.

This is Daniel, Tora and Corbin.  They took a picture with me in my room.  We run around together at school.  We play together.

This is my pool and everyone played on the raft the whole time.  Allie had a friend over during my party because her friend also has a brother in my class.  Jacob also played with us.

For lunch we ate pizza.  We got to sit and eat together.  We ate a lot of pizza.

This is when I had a piñata.  Everyone had a chance and I had two turns.  The piñata was filled with candy and we all ate it.  I knocked a lot of the candy out and so did Jacob and Allison.  Everyone ate the candy.


My friends all sang happy birthday and I blew out the candles.  It was so much fun!


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  1. Mickey you have a blast, one of those birthdays that you’ll never forget… how handsome you are getting and special little one with a big heart.. we love you so much. a lot of hugs the same ones that you gave us, with a lot of love… nico and me ;,)

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