Mikey’s First Blog Post

(Dictated by Michael, keyed in verbatim by parent) I love Israel.  I went to the pool.  I went down waterslides.  I went to a rock climbing wall and I went to the park.  I went to the playground at the park.  The waterpark had huge waves (wave pool).



My house has a secret room with a tree in it.

There are lots of roundabouts.  I think it’s funny when waze says to go through the roundabout.  Daddy said there is a roundabout near our house and let me take a picture on one.

The beaches are really fun here.  I love to boogie board.


I went to Jaffa and saw lots of weddings and things like that.


A store has a windmill that I want for Chanukah!

I’m excited to start school.  My first day is Thursday.  I only go for a half day the first week.  Then I go a full day.


Mommy and daddy let us eat lots of ice cream.


Today I had sushi for lunch and that made me very happy.



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  1. Yay, Mike! Sounds AMAZING!! We miss you in Needham, but are so happy that you are having such a great time! – R’ Jay

  2. Michael sounds incredible adventures and I imagined hat you love to be in short sleeves and short the whole time… 🙂 also I saw that windmill that’s awesome and special size for you room… I missed your face and your “wait for my hugs” but you so many things to do there. a lot of hugs for you… Nico send tons of them or you too 🙂 😉

  3. Hi Michael, I loved reading your blog. Sounds like you are having a great time in Israel. It looks so beautiful there, and you look so happy. I hope you get that windmill because I know you have a special love and interest for them. I remember when you talked all about windmills to the class at our morning meeting last year in Kohavim. How lucky are you to get all that ice cream, what has been your favorite flavor? I’m glad you love it so much. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Nice work with your blog! Miss you.? Carol

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