Father/Son Golf

When James Armand de Rothschild visited the Roman ruins in Caesarea, they reminded him of the golf courses back in Scotland.  As a veteran golfer, he decided to build a golf course in Caesarea.  The course officially opened in January of 1961.  The Club was renovated and upgraded several times over the years.  In 2009, the golf course was completely redesigned and renovated by architect Pete Dye.  As a passionate supporter of environmentally-friendly golf courses, Dye planned the course based on environmental and landscape preservation values. In 2010 the Caesarea golf course joined the list of the Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses.

Jacob and I played 9 holes this afternoon.  Despite it being 90 degrees and sunny, it actually didn’t feel uncomfortable.  The lack of humidity really makes a big difference.  Between the roof of the golf cart providing shade, and a slight breeze, we both felt very comfortable the entire time.

The course and the facilities were very nice.  Relatively new clubhouse with a good pro-shop, lockers, air conditioned lounges, billiards, a bar and three restaurants.


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  1. Looks awesome! Not quite what people would imagine when thinking of Israel and the Middle East! Enjoy!

  2. He must be so proud to play with daddy. How a wonderful time father and son and special both of you loved to play golf ?

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