This past weekend we enjoyed a fun and educational three days up north.  It was interesting for us to experience such a drastic change in climate and scenery over a short two hour drive.  We began the weekend with a beautiful Shabbat Dinner at our hotel:

Saturday kicked off with a morning hike through the fresh, ice-cold waters of Ein Devsha located at the base of the Golan Heights.


We then proceeded to an art studio in Sde Nehemia.  They demonstrated the interesting technique of painting over a photograph printed on canvas.  They had already prepared two family portraits for us to work on.

After a quick lunch, we headed to Kfar Blum to ride RZRs over EXTREMELY rough terrain.

Halfway through the ride we stopped at a fresh spring for a much appreciated opportunity to cool off and wash the dust coating our bodies!

Sunday morning started off with a brief visit to Tzfat where we enjoyed a short glass blowing demonstration.


De Karina chocolate factory where the kids learned about the chocolate making process and were given the opportunity to make, mold and decorate their own chocolate creations.


Syrian Border:  A startling reminder of our enemy’s dangerous proximity and the strategic importance of the Golan Heights.  Al Qaeda occupied the land and those homes/bunkers just across the fence only a few months ago.


Enjoying a traditional lunch in a nearby Druze village.


We topped the afternoon off with a scenic bicycle ride around Hula Lake Park.  We caught the very beginning of the bird migration when, twice a year, no fewer than 500 million birds pass through the area on their way to/from Africa and Europe!

Monday morning trek through Dan National Park.  The river we hiked along is one of the two sources of the Jordan River.

Manara Cliff for bungee trampolines and mountain slides

We stopped about hallway back to Ra’anana to visit Dror’s farm.  Dror is one of the BFL soldiers that stayed with us in Needham this past June and has become a close friend to our entire family.  Dror’s great-grandfather settled this farm when he came to Palestine in the late 1800s.  Dror, his father, grandfather and great-grandfather have all fought in battle defending Israel in every one of her unwanted wars.

Dror’s Fig Trees and Olive Trees:



Heading back up north this weekend to tour the Central and Western Galilee. Shabbat Shalom!






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  1. Greg; I am exhausted just reading your blog. What a great experience for your entire beautiful family. I am looking forward to photos of Bube & Zayde’s visit.

  2. Yoffi! What a fun way to hike the ISRAEL’s north, study the history and do some art work.
    I am sure the kids and you two will remember this excited year.

  3. Wow what a beautiful tour, experience and of course…. chocolate.. I imagine the kids loved that part the most.? so great to read every time your blogs about your trips, the kids are going to be read in knowledge and living the experiences. That is the best special sharing and going side to side with mommy and daddy… many hugs

  4. Everyone looks so happy! Every time I read about an excursion I imagine that must be the end; but then there is more!!!! You guys are unbelievable. XO

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