Jacob’s First Day of School

Last Thursday was the first day of school.  We walk to the bus stop.  It’s at the end of our road next to an ice cream store.

I got to meet the teachers and made some new friends. All of my new friends are from all over the world like Korea, France, Singapore, South Africa, Denmark, and all over Europe.  The 5th grade Math and Science teacher is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and is from America.

My homeroom teacher does Language Arts.

All of the boys play soccer at recess. There is a very big food selection at lunch like a salad bar, chicken, and the main meal, plus some good desserts like chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls and all sorts of cookies. In 5th grade you get to patrol the younger kids and I patrol the kindergarten lunch.

Israel is really starting to feel like home. I’ve had three days of school, seen some cool things and I’ve been here for about three weeks now. I am going to Jerusalem this coming weekend.  I really think I can call Israel home.