Eilat of Fun

All the schools in Israel are closed these two weeks for Passover vacation. Because the holiday doesn’t start until Friday, we decided to check out Eilat for a few days.

Mikey: This is when we were on a plane going to Eilat. We got a hotel with a waterslide. There’s beaches and there’s the Red Sea.

Allie: Eilat is very fun and relaxing. There are a lot of water activities.

Jacob: Eilat reminds me of Florida and the Caribbean. It has beaches and a really nice boardwalk with a bunch of activities on it such as an escape room, an amusement park and restaurants. This is the view from our room. We arrived and then had dinner at our hotel.


Jacob: The first night after the younger two went to bed, my dad and I went to the boardwalk to explore Eilat. We discovered how beautiful it is at night and that there’s so much to do just on the boardwalk.


The morning of our first day we went to a dive center for a snorkeling adventure.

Mikey: We put on wetsuits that are very hot. We went snorkeling. We saw lots of blue fish, rainbow fish and regular fish. We saw coral.

Jacob: The first day we went snorkeling in the coral reef. We put on the wetsuits, snorkels, masks and flippers. We saw beautiful walls of coral. We dove down and saw an octopus! It was interesting seeing his eyes.

Allie: We went to a place where we got a wetsuit that was very thick. We then got flippers, a snorkel and a mask. Then we went to a coral reef and saw a lot of coral, fish and we even saw an octopus!

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the pool.


Mikey: The waterslide had sharp turns. It has a tunnel that goes through a rock. And when you’re in your room you can see the waterslide.

Jacob: At the hotel there was a pool with a “swirlpool”. There was a slide that you could completely control the speed so you can go fast or slow as it went around rocks.

Allie: The slide was very fast! You can control your speed as you go through wild twists and turns.

Jacob: Below is the swirlpool that whirled around very fast. It was so fast that it was hard to get out of it.

Allie: It was like a regular pool but every half hour these jets would turn on that would spin you in a circle. It was super, super fast. You can’t even stop.

The next morning we headed to the marina for a boating excursion. We had a water tour of Eilat, Dolphin Reef and then went tubing off the back of the boat.


Mikey: When I was tubing I couldn’t open my eyes because the water kept spraying in my eyes and it was too salty. On the boat in the front there is a bed and you can climb up and sit on the top of the boat.

Jacob: We went in a tube for up to four people. It was fun riding over the waves on the back of the boat. It was hard to see because you would get lots of salt water in your eyes. We then decided to wear goggles so that we could see better. When the boat was near the Dolphin Reef the dolphins would jump up behind the boat and chase us.

Allie: We went on a tube behind the boat which pulled us really fast. It felt like it was raining on us because the water kept splashing on our head.


While walking along the boardwalk back to our hotel we passed a spa that offers very unusual therapy treatments.

Allie: We got a fish massage! The fish would eat the dead skin off your feet. It tickled but it also felt good.

Mikey: It was so fun. It felt very relaxing.

Jacob: It tickled at first but then it felt really good. I’m really glad we did it.

Right next to our hotel was a very elaborate Escape Room.

Mikey: The escape room was scary.

Allie: It was a bit spooky. But once you got used to it it was fine.

Jacob: It was pretty hard, but we still got out in 1:06.

Along the boardwalk was a very intense amusement ride called “Fireball”. It worked like a sling-shot, shooting riders far up into the sky, spinning around as it bungeed up and down. The kids all INSISTED on doing it!


Mikey: We went on a Fireball ride where you shoot up in a little ball way up into the air, doing flips as you’re falling down. It feels like you’re flying! It was really scary at first, but then it was really fun.

Allie: I went with Michael. You’re at the bottom, you blink and you’re immediately at the top! Even though you’re doing flips, you don’t really feel it.

Mikey: Before you shoot up, there is steam and then they press a button and you shoot up in the air. You go really high really fast.

JacobAt first I was scared to do it. But I enjoyed it so much I did it a second time!

As we continued along the boardwalk on our way to dinner, we stopped to pose for a few photos and for Allie to have her hair braided.


Allie: I got my hair done. It hurt while she was doing it but it’s fine now. I love the way it looks.

Mikey: The dinner on the beach was very fancy. There was an inside where you check in and across from that was an outside area that was fancy. I had steak and pasta.

Arriving back at the hotel on our final evening:

It was a quick getaway, but a lot of fun. While we wouldn’t have minded spending another day there, we were excited to return to Ra’anana to begin preparing for Passover.

Note: Credit for the blog title goes to Lori Ferris.



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  1. Yay! My favorite snorkeling spot! I’m so glad that you all had such an amazing Eilat adventure. Tomorrow night, we’ll all be saying “Next Year in Jerusalem!” to end our seders. Hope that your Passover – much closer to Jerusalem than ours – is spiritually uplifting and so much fun this year!

  2. Didn’t you love the Dan Eitat? It’s our family’s favorite hotel in Eilat.

  3. Wow sounds great.. what fun and that I know you love the pools and excited the diving and met the octopus.. I love to see allie with braid and jacob and Michael so handsome in the funny dinner.. keeping having fun and enjoy the time off??

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