December Visitors, Winter Activities and Hanukah in Jerusalem

Winter has definitely settled in.  Temperatures are generally in the mid 60s during the day, although it will occasionally climb into the mid-to-upper 70s.  We also now experience some rain a few times per week.  It actually feels nice to have a break from the heat and wear long pants and a fleece or sweater.

Bearing gifts, Marc arrived from Holland a few weeks ago for a five day visit.


Being in Israel did not stop us from holding our annual (and very competitive) golf tournament.  Who won this year?  Why should that matter?!!!

Our golf cart ran out of gas before we did.  After 27 holes, we had to take turns pushing the cart back to the clubhouse!

A great day in Jerusalem…

Followed by a wonderful dinner.

After Marc left, we spent the weekend in Tel Aviv which included a hot air balloon ride (tethered) above the city:

And a long bike ride along the Tel Aviv beach promenade:

A rainy Sunday provided the opportunity for Danielle to teach us all how to make pizza!

Jacob and Gregg participated in the “Family Golf Tournament” in Caesarea.  Guess who won “Longest Drive” in the Juniors category?!!!

Danielle and Gregg had the honor of attending a “Brothers for Life” gala celebrating the organization’s tenth anniversary.

Celebrating Hanukah 2018 in Israel!

Invited to celebrate one of the nights at our neighbor’s home with a few other families:

Amazing to visit Jerusalem during Hanukah and stand in the exact spot where the Hanukah events took place 2,200 years ago:

The children’s school held the Winter Performance for grades 3-5 a few nights ago.  Jacob and Allie both sang in the chorus and Jacob also played in the 5th grade band (French Horn).

Brittany Frazer (Jacob’s assistant teacher at Rashi in 3rd grade and Allison’s assistant teacher at Rashi in 2nd grade) came to stay with us for the weekend.  She is in Israel for the year to teach English at an Israeli public school.  Extra special to host her for Shabbat and Allison especially appreciated the opportunity to show Brittany around her school.

A Rashi Reunion on Rashi Street!

A wonderful visit from the Schutz/Polis family.  Congratulations to Jared on his successful Gubernatorial election victory!

The Abraham family stayed with us for a few days during their Israel vacation tour.  Bike riding along the Tel Aviv Promenade, dinner in Old Jaffa, visiting the Weizmann Institute and touring the Bullet Factory.

Happy New Year from Herzliya!

Wishing our family and friends a very happy and healthy 2019!





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  1. What an amazing time for celebration. ? I can picture Allison and Jacob to be proud to sing and play the French horn?. Michael looks so cute and big? merry Christmas for all?????

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