Biking on Yom Kippur (By Allie)

(Dictated by Allison)

On Yom Kippur they don’t allow driving so people bike in the middle of the road and we did it too.  It was so funny to see everyone in the city out riding their bikes.  Instead of looking out for cars you had to look out for other bikes.

This is a picture of us riding our bikes in the middle of the highway!

This is Wiezman Street, usually one of the busiest streets in Ra’anana:

Here are some more pictures of me just riding around in the middle of the road:

Ahuza is usually the busiest street in all of Ra’anana.  On Yom Kippur it was full of bikes, scooters and bladers and we had to watch out for them.

It was really interesting and fun.


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  1. It is GREAT seeing you all looking so happy! Yom Kippur in Israel is awesome! Happy Sukkot to all of the Darish-im!

  2. Wow Allie I image that you have fun without be worry for traffic just wherever you want to ride freely… how fun just to listen .. many hugs I missed you all a lot?

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