Beit Shean Valley

This weekend we had the opportunity to learn more about life on a kibbutz.  While exploring the Beit Shean Valley, we slept on a kibbutz and ate several of our meals there as well.  There are only a few traditional kibbutzim left in Israel operating as true socialist communities and we had the opportunity to spend time on two of them.

Like most kibbutzim, the products of the kibbutz we slept at were mostly agricultural.  However, they also provide lodging for overnight guests as a way to earn additional income.  The grounds were actually quite nice.  The cabin we slept in was very basic, but charming (more basic than charming).   The kids loved it as it reminded them of camp.

Gregg felt badly, but because he’s a terrible sleeper, he made them nail sheets to the wall as make-shift shades to block light from coming through in the early am.  The kibbutzniks definitely thought we were a little crazy…

Allie lost her second tooth in Israel while at breakfast.  Amazingly, the tooth fairy found her here again!  We suspect the difference in time-zones makes it easier for her to make her rounds.

We ate lunch at a nearby kibbutz.  There we had the opportunity to eat in the communal dining hall with the other kibbutzniks.  We had a tour of the entire kibbutz where we learned more about how a kibbutz operates, the social structure, communal living, etc.  The focus being “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

We later waded through the extremely clean and fresh waters of Kibbutzim Stream.

The stream is sectioned off by water tunnels that the kids could ride through like a waterslide:

We then jumped onto ATVs to drive all along Mount Gilboa.  Beautiful scenery and very rugged terrain:

We ended the afternoon at a small zoo full of many interesting animals including kangaroos:

We ate dinner at a local farmhouse.  Admittedly, we were a little very concerned when we saw it from the outside.  But it turned out to be an excellent dinner!  Extremely fresh, wide variety of items to choose from and very friendly service.

And Gregg felt right at home with his Sam Adams Boston Lager!

A rigorous hike the next morning.  Proud of how well everyone did:

Allison modeling a map of Israel:

Another great weekend in the books!

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  1. Loved your visit to the kibbutz! It must have really felt like recapturing a slice of life in Israel from an earlier time.
    I thought the hike Steve and I took in Cinque Terre this past April was a difficult one until I saw the pictures of yours. Your hike was truly a strenuous and exciting adventure! You must all be in GREAT shape!

  2. Love the blog posts and photos, keep them coming. I bet you all didn’t expect that you would be blogging about kangaroos and Sam Adams!

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