Allison’s 9th Birthday Party

While Allison’s actual 9th birthday isn’t until June 9th, we held her birthday party last weekend. She decided to limit the “sleep-under” themed event to her four closest school friends.

Allison:  For our first game, I wrapped five presents in a a bunch of layers and on each layer there would be the wrapping paper. I would tape a present on and then put the wrapping paper over, and then tape another present on and put a new piece of wrapping paper over it. I did that five times. Then we pass it around while we played music. Every time the music stopped, whoever was holding it would open the top layer and whatever present was inside that layer would be theirs.

During the party we also painted nails. There was a dark pinkish purplish color, a dark blue, a light pink that was almost white and then two kinds of sparkles. One was shiny reflective and the other was dark blue with purple sparkles.

Earlier in the day, me and my mom made the birthday cake. It was half vanilla and half chocolate with blue, purple and pink frosting and chocolate frosting.  There were sprinkles on top and Oreos all around the sides. On top we put a #9 candle and one for good luck with a star on top.  It looked really nice!

After cake, we opened up presents. I got a small, pink, shiny heart to put money in and a metal box with flamingos and flowers on it. It came with a mug inside that also has flamingos and flowers. I got slippers, growing crystals, a stuffed animal cat, a bracelet, a diary and pen, and a white shirt that my friend decorated for me.

We then watched a movie called “Daddy Day Care”. We all laid on a mattress while eating pizza and popcorn.

I was really happy to celebrate my birthday in Israel and I was very happy that everyone wore their pajamas including me.  It was so fun!