Allison’s Year in Israel So Far

(Dictated by Allison, typed by parent)

I’ve now been in Israel for two full weeks.  It’s starting to feel like home and it’s going to feel like home once I start school.  I got to see my school a few days ago.  There’s a pool at our school.

I still miss camp a lot and I miss my friends.  The weather is SO hot!  We have a pool in our backyard which is fun.

We also have two ice cream shops right next to our street.  We’ve been getting ice cream every day.

We joined a pool club in Raanana with waterslides.

I went to the grocery store and I had no clue what that thing said.

I went to a waterpark and went on a slide.  My mom and me flipped over and I hit my head.

I went to someone’s house that goes to the school and got to meet other kids that go to the school.  It was really fun.  I’m excited to start school but I’m also a little scared.

I went to the beach and I went boogie boarding.  It was very clean and warm.

We went to Jaffa and there was SO much food!  Its very small.  There’s a lot of stores and it was very hot when we went.

Miss everyone!

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  1. Hi, Jacob! I am so glad that you are having SO much fun!! We miss you in Needham, but smile knowing that the swimming and ice cream and family adventures in Israel have been GREAT! Have a terrific week! – Rabbi Jay

  2. allison sounds great time for you. I bet you love your treat everyday: ice cream ;). I’m sorry to heard about the flip and hit in the slide because usually is fun, well maybe the next time will be much better. I’m glad that you like your school and friends also im jealous with the pool in your school, nice forahot day just to jump there and no wait until home 🙂 I missed you a lot, a big hug for you and hope to talk and see you soon for video xoxo

  3. Shalom Liora 🙂

    It is great to read all the fantastic updates from your Israel experience !! 🙂 Metzuyan !!! 🙂

    I hope you have a fabulous start to Beit Sefer, and that you were able to sound out the name of that yummy snack (BISLI) and tried the different flavors it comes in…

    Shavuah Tov, Ve’ Lehitraot 🙂


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